Last interview to Poet Alda Merini - Video


This short but intersting document was presented at La Milanesiana, one of the most prestigious cultural events in Italy. 

We were so impressed by this lady’s sharp lucidity. She was indeed old and not perfectly looked after, but always attentive. Born, by pure chance, from another project, our encounter with Alda Merini was a special occasion for me and Romano Gregorig, and a funny and sad one at the same time. Cornered somewhere along the tiny corridor of her two-room flat, we stared with curiosity at the notes scribbled with a pen here and there on the walls, from telephone numbers to poems, everything was just thrown in there. We were lucky enough to be called by a friend who had thought of proposing the project to the Milanesiana cultural festival. And the best part of it all was the way people laughed at the presentation: a tribute to someone who above all, as far as I can tell from those few minutes I managed to spend with her, was a witty, humorous woman.